Still Skeptic

In a previous entry, I talked about how my in-laws discriminated me through the years and how they did the same to my sister-in-law's husband; to which they finally understood why I remained aloof to my husband's family all this time. In the height of that period, I told my husband: I bet, the moment … Continue reading Still Skeptic

My CoVID Battle

When I absolutely lost my sense of smell and taste, I knew I had to take the dreaded swab test. This is because the hospital that I had to visit for my prenatal checkups have strict policies involving people that have at least one covid-related symptom - you are not allowed to enter their facility … Continue reading My CoVID Battle

Weekend Vibes

Despite the differences in our schedules, proximity, my college buddies and I still manage to find a way to meet and hangout to catch up and celebrate life. This year was no exception. Photo c/o Nick Canoy We spent our much-awaited getaway at Canyon Cove in Batangas. Technically the hotel is closed but the apartments … Continue reading Weekend Vibes