Guess Who’s on Tinder?

Couple of weeks ago, my classmate from my masteral class sent me a screenshot of someone who appears to be the fiancĂ© of R, also a classmate from the same class. I'm pretty much surprised as she was because they are high school sweethearts so what is his deal on Tinder, right? Our conversation ended … Continue reading Guess Who’s on Tinder?

Now I’m on Twitch

Earlier this week I managed to start streaming for just an hour because I don't really want to consume a lot of time playing games - in fact I'm thinking of reducing it since I need to focus on working more than ever. It's been a while since I studied something new and figure out … Continue reading Now I’m on Twitch


Today, A, visited and gave my Christmas gift. As usual we talked about the elephant in the room, my former BFF, N. It's been over a year since that incident, me, pointing out her flaws and her, shutting me off in her life COMPLETELY. We're talking unfriending in Facebook and every where else in social … Continue reading Blue

Bad News.

So I've been clinging to my ESL job despite knowing that there are better opportunities because of its stability. It wasn't the most lucrative, but I would say it's a chill job for me, the kind where in you can pursue what you really want in life without compromising your source of income. Earlier this … Continue reading Bad News.